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E-Commerce Systems

Open up new target groups by using e-commerce.

You can increase your sales and enter new target groups with an e-commerce system. You can manage your products and maintain their. Therefore, you do not need any programming knowledge. An interface to an ERP (enterprise resource planning) can be implemented, too. Benefit from a professional layout and use an e-commerce system. This allows you to use the World Wide Web as a sales market.

Together with you, I finalize your requirements and offer you a ecommerce system agreed with your needs. Multi-shop requirements can be realized very well with Magento. For most of the other requirements ,VirtueMart, xtcModdified and tt_products are very good solutions.

Magento | Open Source E-Commerce Platform

The community edition, free e-commerce platform Magento is a good basis for so-called multi-store solutions. It is possible that multiple, largely independent online stores with separate customer bases and domain names can be operated from one installation.

VirtueMart Component and Joomla CMS


VirtueMart is a shop component around the content management system (CMS) Joomla to an expand e-commerce system. Just like the "Only e-commerce system" solutions, VirtueMart offers a variety of features, among others digital products. A special feature is that the Joomla‘s extensions can be used in VirtueMart. More about VirtueMart.

tt_products Extension and TYPO3 CMS


tt_products is a shop extension in order to expand the content management system (CMS) Typo3 with an e-commerce system. Just like the "Only e-commerce system" solutions, tt_products offers a variety of features. tt_products is particularly suitable to complement an existing Typo3. More about tt_products.