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Content Management Systems

Remain independent by becoming your own editor.

You can manage and maintain your own website with a content management system (CMS). You do not need HTML, CSS, PHP or Java knowledge. Benefit from a professional layout and use a content management system. This will save you money and you will be flexible.

Together with you, I finalize your requirements and offer you a CMS agreed with your needs. Smaller projects are in most cases very easy to implement with WordPress and Joomla. I solve complex requirements with Typo3 and Magnolia.

TYPO3 | Enterprise Open Source CMS


The free content management system - now used more than 290,000 times worldwide - which can be expanded in various functions or even entire programs with extensions. Therefore, a solution for each application scenario is possible with TYPO3. More about TYPO3.

Joomla | Open Source CMS


The popular, free content management system Joomla has been emerged from the open source project Mambo and is now used in many different application areas. More about Joomla. More about Joomla.

Wordpress | Blogging


WordPress is perfect f or smaller web projects. WordPress is a web software, which is mainly used for the creation of frequently updated websites, especially for web blogs More about WordPress.